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We show you an overview of how you can be paid

  • Paypal
  • Payeer
  • AdvCash

You can pay out for free at Payeer and AdvCash without fee costs, only with paypal pay yourself fee costs, you can view how high fee costs are on paypal

Once you have requested a payout, we usually pay within 30 days. We do not make payments on weekends and public holidays when our office is closed.

Have you already made a payment request? then you can of course request a new one,
you do not have to wait until the 1st application has been paid, you can request multiple payments at CaptchaWork App.

If you have not received money within 30 days, you can create a helpdesk support ticket at CaptchaWork.

However, we cannot do anything if something has gone wrong or if you have not entered valid data.

Always include proof of your payment request when creating a support ticket.

We always try to find a solution together with you.

Do you want to stop with captcha work ?

That is of course possible, you only have to create a helpdesk support ticket via Captchawork and send it to the Privacy department with your account details.

*We may always ask for your identity to prove that you are a real person requesting account deletion.

Feel free to contact us via our social media